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Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits to chiropractic care for short term pain and health issues as well as long term quality of life.  Spine and Wellness Chiropractic Care is committed to your overall health and well being. The first step is getting to know you.  Understanding your heath history and evaluating what areas of concern you have. Then we develop a custom plan for you based on the needs and goals that you want to obtain.  This is not a typical practice where one treatment fits all.

The Wellness Approach To Health
In our practice, we consider wellness care to be the use of natural methods, without drugs to restore and maintain your health. Wellness care is a partnership between you and our team that will greatly assist in improving your quality of  life.

The three steps our wellness approach

  • Reducing the destructive effects of stress
  • Reducing chemical toxicity
  • Removing undetected neurological damage

1.  What are the destructive effects of Stress and how can we reduce It?
The adrenal glands produce many hormones that help us handle physical and emotional stress. In situations of chronic stress, these hormones can cause damage and the adrenal glands can become fatigued. This can affect the quantity of hormones that are produced.

The adrenal glands produce hormones that influence sleep, digestion, weight gain, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, allergies, immunity, heart function, fatigue and more. These glands can be checked and if malfunctioning, can be repaired through diet and supplements.

This is why step 1 is:

  • Have your adrenal glands checked and get onto a supervised program to improve adrenal function.

2. Why we need to reduce chemical toxicity
To defends against these chemicals, our body surrounds them in fat where the are stored. As a result we gain weight, get fatigued, can't focus and are more susceptible to a host of other health problems.

A nutritional cleansing program can help get rid of chemical toxicity in your body. As a result you will improve your overall health, have more energy and loose unwanted weight rapidly.

This is why step 2 is:

  • Determine what supervised nutritional cleansing program you should do.

3. Removing undetected neurological damage
Trauma starts early in childhood with the first falls a child has and progresses throughout life. Falls, auto accidents, contact sports or work injuries, etc., can all cause trauma.

Although these injuries may not seem serious at first, they can cause undetected nerve damage. Remember, nerves control all functions in your body and when damaged can cause numerous health problems, not only pain or headaches.

This is why step 3 is:

  • Have your body checked for undetected neurological damage.

The Reward
With these three approaches: removing the undetected nerve damage, eliminating the harmful effects of stress, and reducing chemical toxicity, we often get results from problems no one else has helped.

In addition, many people why have adopted our wellness care program have enjoyed a host of other benefits including:

  • The possibility of an improved and stronger immune system
  • A possible increase of energy and alertness
  • Assisting in losing unnecessary weight
  • The opportunity to have improved metabolism
  • Can cause you to have more beautiful skin
  • The chance to live pain-free... and much more

Your health should be your top concern. We look forward to helping you with your health care needs.


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