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Weight Management


“Learn How To LOSE A Pound A Day,
Feel Good And Look Great!”


If you haven’t been feeling good, or you’ve felt better than you have in years, you don’t want to miss this special workshop, given by Dr. Khampraseut.                      
He will be giving a short workshop on how you can get rid of those extra pounds and start feeling good again by using some simple, easy-to follow steps that have changed the lives of many.

Most people are of the opinion that ‘losing weight’ is something that is difficult.  It’s not if you know what to do. That’s what this exclusive Weight Loss Workshop is all about. You will change how you look and feel, and you’ll be able to keep your weight under control. Health and weight loss are important to not only you, but your family. I want you around for many years to come so make sure you reserve your spot today.

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You are invited to bring yourself and a guest as Dr. Khampraseut wants to help this community, get healthy, keep the weight off, and enjoy your life again.

At this Workshop you’ll learn how to:

  1. Lose a POUND of FAT a Day if you want to…
  2. The latest techniques in natural weight loss
  3. Learn the new advances that are available
  4. Learn how to save money while losing weight


But Space is Limited. Must RSVP

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